Deep Sea Fun Game

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A fantastic game for teaching early numeracy whilst improving concentration and coordination skills.How to play:Deep sea tweezer funEach player must choose a board, the oldest player goes first. The player picks up a bead with the tweezers and put it into the right slot. The first player to match up all their colours and complete the picture is the winner. Simple sumsSort the beads into colours and make up simple sums eg 4+3=7, then ask your child how many objects they can see with the same colour.Making patternsLets tip out the beads and try again. We can make colourful patterns with the beads, and talk about the pictures together.Great for:Stimulating the brainLittle hands to enjoy sorting and matching beadsEarly preparation for writingFine motor skills helps with drawing and writingDeveloping social skills and helping communicationBuilding confidence and concentration Includes: 4 game boards, 4 tweezers, 1 spinner, 40 coloured beads
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