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  1. Little Explorer
    Little Explorer

    Starting at Rp 399,200

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  2. Little Girl Play Set
    Little Girl Play Set

    Starting at Rp 279,300

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  3. Role Play Set
    Role Play Set

    Starting at Rp 199,200

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  4. Active Baby Set
    Active Baby Set

    Starting at Rp 183,200

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  5. Little Chef Starter Kit
    Little Chef Starter Kit

    Starting at Rp 179,000

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  6. Shop & Cook
    Shop & Cook

    Starting at Rp 129,000

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  7. Baby First Buddy
    Baby First Buddy

    Starting at Rp 97,300

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  8. Discovery Toys
    Discovery Toys

    Starting at Rp 35,900

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  9. Baby's Starter Kit
    Baby's Starter Kit

    Starting at Rp 21,000

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  10. His Favourite Toys
    His Favourite Toys

    Starting at Rp 19,500

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