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Fun child-sized Pink Cleaning Set for your child to enjoy helping out around the house. Play cleaning is a really fun form of roleplay for your child
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This fun Pink Cleaning Set is really good fun for your child to play with. Its a great inspiration for imaginative roleplay. The child-sized dustpan and brush, mop and broom are perfect for your little helper to pretend to clean around the house. Cleaning together makes it much more fun! Your child can pretend they have their own home and roleplay being a grown-up. Or they can use the Pink Cleaning Set to inspire imaginative play. Your child can act out their own fairytales or pretend the broom helps them fly, for example. The Pink Cleaning Set is a simple but fun toy that young cleaning fans will really enjoy. Quick facts:•Fun child-sized Pink Cleaning Set for fun roleplay•Dustpan and brush, mop and broom•Great for Mum and Dads little helpers•Fun inspiration for imaginative playGreat for your childs development:Enjoying imaginative roleplay is a lovely way for your child to expand their imagination and think creatively as they play a role. Imaginative play helps your child to try out their own ideas and build positive self-esteem. Children use roleplay to understand the real world, and express how they see the world. Imaginative roleplay also helps them feel free and lose themselves in play. Roleplaying with a friend or with family helps your child build social skills and develop their communication skills.ELC star quality:We love the Pink Cleaning Set because little ones love sweeping! This Pink Cleaning Set is such a simple toy, which provides so much enjoyment for your child. The child-sized dustpan and brush, mop and broom are perfect for your little helper to play with. Your young assistant can join in when youre cleaning, or simply use their Pink Cleaning Set in their own imaginative play. What you need to know:Pack contents: Child-sized Pink Cleaning Set: 1 x mop, 1 x broom, 1 x dustpan and brush.Other toys and accessories available separately. Size: From top to bottom the mop and broom are each 61cm long in total. Safety warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Playing tips: Lets clean With this cleaning set we can sweep the floor, brush dust into the dustpan, and mop up mess. Lets whistle while we work – or sing a favourite song – and the place will be spick and span in no time. Make a clean sweepLets sweep under Dads feet while hes watching TV, and around Mum as she talks on the phone. They may decide to join in, you never know. We can even brush up stray toys into the dustpan. Watch out cat – it could be you next.Mop alongWith our big wiggy mop, we can wash the floors till they shine. We can move the mop in big circles or swirls on the floor, and before we know it well be dancing. Mum and Dad never realised cleaning could be this much fun. Great for:Cleaning together – much more funHelping round the playhouseBeing just like Mum, and Dad (of course)Sharing the houseworkSinging as we sweepMiming as we mopDancing as we dustPlaying just like the real thingKeeping your play house or tent shipshape.
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