ELC Dinosaur Set

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Use your imagination to bring prehistoric adventures to life with this tub full of dinosaurs
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Features and benefits for ELC Dinosaur Set

  • Suitable from 3 years
  • Set of 9 dinosaurs
  • Comes with its own storage tub to keep them neat and tidy
At a glance

Want To Know More?Packed inside a handy storage tub, these nine realistic looking dinosaurs are perfect for lots of fun imaginary play. Set off on wild adventures hunting for dinosaurs, or try to discover a new species. Make friends with the friendly herbivores but avoid the fearsome T-Rex!This set has an assortment of dinosaurs including a Opilodocus, Dimetrodon, T-Rex, Styracosaurus, Stegosaurus, Europlocephalus, Brachiosaurus, Parasaurolophus, Edmontosaurus and an Allosaurus.
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Price 399.000
Style 139025
Gender Unisex