ELC Electronic Cash Register and Scanner - Pink

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Brilliant beeping pink cash register with scanner, microphone, food, debit card and play money too
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This pink Electronic Cash Register and Scanner is the perfect inspiration for playing shops. Your child can enjoy really satisfying roleplay as customer or shopkeeper. This fantastic modern version of a classic and timeless toy has a liquid crystal display on the working cash register, beeping scanner, chip and pin machine and working microphone for your child to make important customer announcements. Your child can scan the food to find out how much it costs, then press the total key to find out how much the customer needs to pay. Buying or selling food is also really good for counting practice. The electronic cash register comes complete with play food, play money and a debit card. Its great fun playing with Mum, Dad or a friend too. Quick facts:•Pink electronic cash register with working display•Scanner, chip and pin machine and microphone•Comes with play food, cash and debit card•Inspires years of fun roleplayGreat for your childs development:Playing shops with the pink Electronic Cash Register and Scanner is a fun way for your child to play shopkeeper or customer. Enjoying roleplay is one of the best ways for your child to expand their imagination and also to start to understand how the real world works. Roleplay helps your child improve their communication skills and learn to think creatively, which is also excellent for enjoying school. Talking about prices and counting money is a great way to enjoy some counting practice too.ELC star quality:We love this pink Electronic Cash Register and Scanner because it is so much like the real thing – it brings the timeless fun of playing shops right into the 21st century! With the beeping scanner, chip and pin machine and microphone for making announcements, this cash register helps your child enjoy a total shop-keeping or customer experience. The food, debit card and money come with the cash register, so your child can start playing shops straight away. Next customer please.What you need to know:Pack contents: Pink cash register with scanner, chip and pin machine, microphone, play money, credit card, plastic lemon, pepper, apple, banana, cheese, carton if orange juice, tin of baked beans and a carton of whole milk.Sounds: This Electronic Cash Register and Scanner makes realistic beeping sounds. Other toys and accessories available separately. Size: Length 30cm x Width 22cm x Height 13cmBatteries: Needs 3 x AA batteries. Safety warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Playing tips: Welcome to our shopWhat shall we buy today? Lets scan the barcodes: bleep-bleep, plug in prices: tap tap tap, read the credit card: whoop, and open the till: ker-ching! Weve got loads of money to spend, and the staff are so friendly – what a great shop. What else shall we choose?Have fun being shopkeeperWe can scan the food, press the buttons, put the card in, open the drawer, and count all the money. Lets choose some things to put in our shop, and arrange them on the table, bookcase or floor.And its fun doing the shopping tooWhen were shopping we can choose what we want, use the credit card, pay the money, take the shopping away, and get some change. Lets use a paper bag to put our shopping in. Yes, Mums shoes are a bit big to carry, but we cant resist a bargain…Great for:Playing by yourself, or together Or when everyones here: our own department store!Counting: cash, apples, coins, buttons, prices, whatever we like…Wonderful sounds every time: bleep, whoop, clunk, ker-ching!Making our own shopping – cars, dolls, cups, balls – whatever we can find… But maybe the mobile phone looked better without the barcodeThe bananas £1000? No problem, heres my credit card.
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