ELC Find Monty Game

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Monty the cat is hiding again! Can you remember where he last was? Find Monty is a fun memory game for the whole family.
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Features and benefits for ELC Find Monty Game

  • Roll the dice to find out how to describe the scene
  • Pick a photo card and see where Monty is
  • Recreate the scene with the props
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Want To Know More?Can you remember where you last saw Monty the cat? There are a few different ways of playing this game: either take a quick look at a photo card to see where Monty is before the card is taken away, or look at a photo card and choose another player to build for you without showing them the card, putting the card back down and describe what you remember seeing. Roll the dice to find out how to describe the scene- if it lands on the mouth, you have to talk to the other player. If it lands on the stick figure, you have to act the scene out!Now it's time to re-create the scene! Set up the bed, pillow and blanket, placing Monty in the correct position. Once you get really good at showing where Monty is, you could even start showing the photo cards upside-down!Suitable from 4 years.Don't Forget...We also have lots of sports and activity games for outdoor play.
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