ELC Find the Picture

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Pair the cards with their matching pictures, playing snap, memory games and more.
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Features and benefits for ELC Find the Picture
  • 48 cards (12 matching pairs)
  • No words- ideal for younger players
  • Bright, colourful pictures

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Including 48 colourful picture cards, this deck of picture cards is perfect for sorting and matching pictures.

How to play:
Memory gameTo start the game, spread out the picture cards on a table. Starting with the youngest player, turn up any two cards, one at a time. If the two cards are the same, the player keeps them and claims a pair. If the cards are not the same, turn them face down in the same position on the table. Play then moves clockwise to the next player. Each player should look carefully at the cards as they are turned over to try and remember the pictures on the cards for when it is their turn. Play then continues until all the cards have been collected in pairs. The player with the most pairs is the winner. For very young children reduce the number of cards at the start to about 10 pairs then increase the number as they gain confidence in the game.

Making noises Pick out a selection of cards linked with the corresponding noises. Ask your child to tell you what the picture shows. Suitable from 24 months.
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