ELC Jitterbugs Game

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Jitterbugs Game is great fun for little ones. Each player has to catch the trembling creepy crawlies with a magnetic spider fishing rod
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Features and benefits for ELC Jitterbugs Game

  • Jitterbugs Game is a fun fishing game
  • Fish for creepy-crawlies as they jitter
  • Pick colours and count up the bugs
  • Great fun for children to play together
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The Jitterbugs Game is great fun for children. Turn the game on to make the bugs jitter all over the garden base. Then each player can use a spider fishing rod to try to pick up bugs one at a time. Each rod has a different-coloured spider on the end, so players try and catch their matching coloured bugs. The first player to catch all of their bugs is the winner. For an easier game, players can rush to try and fish as many bugs as possible. When all the bugs have been caught, the players can count how many jitterbugs theyve picked up. This game is good fun for young children to play.Great for your childs development:Using a fishing rod to try and pick up the bugs in the Jitterbugs Game is a fun way for your child to develop good hand-to-eye coordination. Learning how to play a game, and playing with friends or family, are great for problem-solving and social skills. Fishing for different-coloured bugs and counting up the bugs, help with learning colours and counting practice. ELC star quality:We love the Jitterbugs game because its such fun for young children to play. The rules are easy for young children to understand, and trying to fish for the jittery creepy crawlies guarantees lots of giggles. Jitterbugs is a great game to play with family and friends, but its just as fun for your child to play with it on their own. What you need to know:Pack contents: 1 x game base, 12 x jitterbugs in 4 different colours, 4 x magnetic spider fishing rods, 1 x instruction sheet.Other toys and accessories available separately. Safety warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Batteries: Needs 1 x C battery (batteries not included) Playing tips: Lets catch bugsLets pick a spider of our own. Theyre hungry, and they want their tea. Smiley busy bugs are on the menu. YUK! The bugs are munching on pretty flowers, but our spiders are coming to get them: lets play.Doing the JitterbugWe can make the bugs shiver, shake and hop around: BZZZZZZ. Lets dangle our spider and jump on the bugs. Its our spiders favourite time: bug-munching time.Counting our catchHow many bugs have we caught? Lets count up our bugs, and see whos got the greediest spider. Theyll all be hungry again soon, so lets play again. Theres no escape for the creepy-crawlies.Great for: Fishing fun on a rainy dayChallenging friends and familyGood vibrations and lots of laughterSpeed play – lets fish as fast as we canBoosting coordination and dexterityMaking spider sounds: hear them CHOMPPractising counting and naming coloursMaking your spider dangle – dont get in a tangleTwo-player tussle, three-player thrills or four-player fun.
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