ELC Large Family Pool

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Lots of room for family and friends to enjoy splashing around in this fun, family paddling pool.
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Features and benefits for ELC Large Family Pool

  • Designed with fun, friendly garden bugs
  • Large paddling pool for approx 4-5 children
  • Great for physical and social play
  • Suitable for children over 3years
  • Dimensions: W183 x L305 x H46cm
At a glance

Want To Know More?The ELC inflatable Large Family Pool will provide hours of fun. Big enough for fun with friends and family, everyone will enjoy taking a dip and splashing around and young children will love the design as it features fun, friendly garden creatures.Suitable for children from 3years.Never leave your child unsupervised when playing near water.Don't Forget......take a look at our great range of swimwear and towels.
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Price 899.000
Style 140334
Gender Unisex