ELC Lights and Sounds Farm Tractor

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Your toddler can push the Light and Sound Farm Tractor along, bring the farmer and cow to life, and enjoy fun lights and sounds.
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Features and benefits for ELC Lights and Sounds Farm Tractor

  • Chunky Light and Sound Farm Tractor
  • Comes with farmer and cow
  • With fun phrases, engine sounds and lights to enjoy
  • Great for driving and chasing across the floor
  • Perfect for imaginative play
At a glance

Want To Know More?This Chunky Light and Sound Farm Tractor is great fun for your toddler to play with. When your toddler puts the farmer in the cab, he says ''It's tractor time!'' or ''We're off to the fields!'', and when they press the chimney button there are engine sounds. There is also a hooter sound and the tractors headlamp lights up. Your young child can load open the trailer, put the cow in, then drive the freewheeling tractor around the room, or they can zoom it along and crawl or toddle to catch up with it! The Light and Sound Farm Tractor is a really fun vehicle for your child to enjoy driving and playing with as they grow.Great for your childs development:Playing with a vehicle, such as this Light and Sound Farm Tractor, is a fun way for your young toddler to get on the move. Pushing the tractor across the room, and chasing after it is great fun. Moving the cow and farmer around is a good way for your young child to build strength and precision in their hands, which is useful for so many activities as they grow – such as dressing, drawing and writing later on. As your child plays with the Light and Sound Farm Tractor, they can start to enjoy imaginative play, which will become a really satisfying way to play as they grow. Bringing the farmer to life – and adding lots of mooing sounds for the cow! Help your child begin to enjoy pretend play and expand their imagination.ELC star quality:We love the Light and Sound Tractor because it is such a timelessly fun toy for growing toddlers. The tractors size and chunky feel make it perfect for little hands with big plans! It also lasts well as children always enjoy playing with vehicles, and as your young child grows, they can enjoy inventing more sophisticated games to play with it. The lights and sounds help your child bring the tractor to life, and making lots of mooing noises is great fun.-What you need to know:-Pack contents: Tractor, trailer, farmer, cow. -Other toys and accessories available separately. -Lights and sounds.-Batteries: Needs 2 x AA batteries-Suitable from 12 monthsPlaying tips: Tractor ActionLets hitch up and trailer and hop the farmer into the cab. We can drive anywhere with these huge tyres.Taking StockWe can let down the ramp so the cow can walk into the trailer. What sound does the cow like to make?Great for:Moving animals around the farm, or living roomStarting fun farm playPushing and chasing across the floorEnjoying early imaginative play.Don't Forget...The Lights and Sounds Farm Tractor is great fun when paired with more HappyLand characters and sets (available separately).
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Price 409,000
Style 130962
Gender Unisex
Fabric Info Plastic