ELC Lights and Sounds Keys

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The Lights and Sounds Keys are the perfect toy for those babies who love playing with your keys - they are realistic looking and are a fun gadget for children.
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Features and benefits for ELC Lights and Sounds Keys

  • Pack of three on a keyring
  • Bright colours and shapes are fun
  • Ideal teething relief
  • Sounds help baby's auditory skills
  • Stimulate senses
  • Suitable from 12 months
At a glance

Want To Know More?ELC's Lights and Sounds Keys are such a great gadget for your baby. The bright colours and fun shapes ensure that baby will play with these for a long time; much better than losing your keys only to find them in baby's hands! Visual and auditory stimuli is so important at this age, so the built-in sounds are great for baby's development – as well as bringing a lot of enjoyment and fascination to playtime! The musical keys come in bright, vibrant colours that are also strong visual stimuli for your little one. As if the fun of the sounds, colours and shapes wasn't enough, this item is also ideal for teething. The textured surfaces are suitable for baby to bite down on, providing relief for sore gums.Suitable from 12 months.Don't Forget...... that Mothercare stock toy ties that allow you to secure your little one's favourite things to the pushchair or car seat.
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Price 189.000
Style 138455
Gender Unisex