ELC Magnetic Space Scene

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Explore the solar system with this magnetic space scene chart, learn the names of the planets and the order they come in.
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Features and benefits for ELC Magnetic Space Scene

  • Includes magnetic chart, fun fact cards and flags
  • Helps with problem solving
  • Instills confidence
  • Learn about planets and explore space
At a glance

Want To Know More?The Magnetic Space Scene from ELC is perfect for little ones that want to explore the solar system. The set includes a magnetic chart, selection of fun fact cards and flags, that you can use to guess the order of the planets. Your little one can play with parents or get together with friends and compete of who can remember the names of the planets in the quickest time and have a go at guessing which planet is closest or further away from the sun. Don't Forget...... that we have a range of puzzles and games.
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Price 219.000
Style 138219
Gender Unisex