ELC Motor Town Car Transporter

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Load up the car transporter and give the little car a ride around the room.
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Features and benefits for ELC Motor Town Car Transporter

  • Car transporter toy with toy car
  • Flip down the back of the transporter to load the car inside
  • Turn the transporter around bends
  • Suitable from 18 months
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Want To Know More?When a car has broken down or someone needs a car to be delivered to them, the Motor Town car transporter is ready to help. Flip down the back of the transporter container to reveal a ramp, push the car up the ramp and flip it back up, ready to start the journey. Drive off as fast as you can to get the car to its new owner or to the repair garage. You can even race the two against each other: make sure you make plenty of car noises!Don't Forget...We have more cars in the Motor Town range (available separately).
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Price 309,000
Style 135807
Gender Unisex