ELC Move and Twist Game

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Compete with your friends to get your little ladybird to the top of the stem first!
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Features and benefits for ELC Move and Twist Game

  • Great for physical development
  • Improves social skills
  • Good for problem solving
  • Ideal for outdoor and indoor play
  • Suitable from 4 years
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Want To Know More?If you enjoy social interaction and exercise, then you will love our Move and Twist game!This fun game can be played indoors and outdoors and the aim is to be the first to get your ladybird to the top of the stem to build up your flower and make it blossom. You have to carry out fun tasks and activities shown on the cards, so get into character and start flying and crawling to get your ladybird to the top. If you get stuck, your friends can help you with out with movements and ensure you are doing them correctly. This game is great fun and perfect for creating some friendly competition. Don't Forget...... that we have a range of games and puzzles.
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Price 249.000
Style 138221
Gender Unisex