ELC Pirate Galleon

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Prepare to sail the seven seas in the quest for treasure with the Pirate Galleon.
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Features and benefits for ELC Pirate Galleon

  • Plastic pirate ship with pirate and cannon
  • Opening trap door and storage compartment in the hold
  • Great for imaginative play
  • Boost social and communication skills when playing with friends
At a glance

Want To Know More?Ship ahoy - the Pirate Galleon is feared across the seas, manned by a fearsome pirate captain and armed with a powerful cannon.Great for your child's development:The Pirate Galleon is perfect for inspiring the imagination, and bringing all of your tales of the Seven Seas to life. Make up lots of stories about the pirate captain's adventures, and learn about the world of pirates as you play.ELC star quality:We love the Pirate Galleon because not only does it come with accessories, but the ship itself has a few things to discover too: with an opening trap door, a storage compartment in the hold of the ship and a crow's nest, your little one can imagine adventures of treasure-hunting, battling other pirates and keeping watch for enemy ships and land.What you need to know:-Includes: 1 x pirate ship, 1 x poseable, articulated pirate, 1 x cannon-Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small partsPlaying tips:Stand in the crow's nest to keep a lookout, and climb down quickly to man the cannon when an enemy ship is on the horizon. Fire the cannons, raid enemy ships and open the trap door to hold hostages underneath the deck. If you find treasure, load it in the hold with the secret storage section at the back of the ship, and be careful enemies don't find it! With lots of adventures to be had, you'll love using your imagination to create lots of epic stories.Great for:-Sailing for treasure-Escaping sea monsters-Heading off other pirates with the cannon-Manning the crows' nestDon't Forget...The Pirate Galleon is great fun with the ELC Pirate Ship, and we stock more poseable pirates, too (all available separately).
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