ELC Project and Trace Projector Desk

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Project pictures from the picture disk onto the white board or a piece of paper to trace and colour in- the white board can be used over and over again, the projector swivels so you can draw however you want to, and everything comes in a neat and tidy car
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Features and benefits for ELC Project and Trace Projector Desk

  • Includes 6 slides with 42 images altogether- use one slide to create a complete scene
  • Projector swivels, allowing you to draw on paper in front of the white board or off to the sides without having to turn or tilt the whole table round
  • Wipe clean the white board with a damp cloth to use again
  • Includes three different coloured felt tip pens
  • Everything packs neatly away into the table, which turns into a carry case
  • Great for boys and girls alike
  • Requires 4xAA batteries
At a glance

Want to Know More?Fun, easy to use and compact, the Project and Trace projector desk lets your child trace a huge variety of pictures using a collection of pictures and the projection light. Pick a picture and turn on the light to trace the picture: either on the white board, which can be wiped clean, or on a piece of paper, which you can position around the projector table and adjust the projector light. Choose lots of pictures to draw together, or make your own to create your own scene. When you're ready, you can colour in your pictures: on paper use paint, crayons, pens- anything you like! On the projector table, use the included pens to draw and colour, and when you're done and have admired your work, you can wipe the board clean with a damp cloth and start on something new.Great for your child's development:Your little one can improve their dexterity and practice hand-to-eye coordination with pencil and pen practice, which helps develop their drawing and writing skills. Tracing is a great way of learning to control movement, and your little one can also creat their own scenes along with using the projector. Encouraging creativity and confidence with a pen, your little one can be proud of their masterpieces.ELC star quality:We love the projector desk because not only does it come with a lot of great features, but they also all fit into the table which acts as a compact carry case- allowing your little one to take the fun along with them.
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