ELC Sensory Ball Pit

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The Sensory Ball Pit is a fun and safe play space for your baby to discover. The intriguing toys and fun pit encourages your baby to move and explore
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Features and benefits for ELC Sensory Ball Pit

  • Sensory Ball Pit – great for your baby to explore
  • Pit with colours, textures, portholes and detachable mirror
  • Comes with four textured beanbags and 20 playball
  • Great for encouraging your baby to enjoy moving
At a glance

This intriguing Sensory Ball Pit encourages your baby to explore, and rewards their curiosity with satisfying sights, sounds and textures. The colourful pop-up ball pit has brightly coloured panels, high-contrast patterns, posting-holes to peer through and pop balls through, and a detachable safety mirror for your baby to enjoy. The Sensory Ball Pit comes with four textured beanbags, which are great for your baby to explore with their hands. It also comes with 20 playballs, which your baby can enjoy rolling in, kicking and tossing as they grow. The pit is covered with stimulating colours, textures and mesh. The Sensory Ball Pit makes a fun and safe place for your baby to play, indoors or outside.Great for your childs development:The Sensory Ball Pit is a fantastic place for your growing baby to enjoy moving, and developing their strength and coordination. The pit has been cleverly designed to offer your baby a safe place to play, while encouraging them to use their senses and body more and more. Your baby can start to roll, sit, reach, kick and touch in the ball pit, and the beanbags and play balls make the Sensory Ball Pit even more fun. Posting playballs through the portholes is a good game – especially when you post them back in. This safe play space is ideal for babies that are learning to control and move their bodies, and will encourage your baby to move on to their next stage as they peer, throw, sit and discover how much fun moving around is.ELC star quality:We love the Sensory Ball Pit as its just perfect for helping your baby really enjoy using their senses, hands and legs – their whole body in fact! Your baby can start by lying in the Sensory Ball Pit, and as they grow they can roll, drag themselves around, sit, and crawl. The beanbags are great for hiding and finding, and the playballs are fun to roll, toss and kick around in the pit. The Sensory Ball Pit is a great toy that turns your floor into a fun play space for your baby to enjoy exploring and learning to move. What you need to know:-Pack contents: Pop-up ball pit, detachable safety mirror, 20 coloured play balls, four beanbags.-Other toys and accessories available separately-Suitable from 6 monthsPlaying tips: Roll like a ballShow your baby the textures and colours around the ball pit. Show your baby how to kick and toss the balls and how to enjoy rolling amongst them. Hide and seekTogether hunt for the beanbags amongst the colourful balls. Cheer when your baby picks one up. Show your baby how to throw the bags out of the pit for you to toss them back in.Great for:Getting your baby movingPlaying beanbag hide and seekReaching, rolling and graspingInvestigating textures and soundsDeveloping curiosity and confidence Creating a fun play space indoors or outside.
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