ELC Shape Sorting Bus - Red

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A big friendly bus with six activity shapes to push into the slots. Sort the shapes, push the bus along and crawl after it.
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Features and benefits for ELC Shape Sorting Bus - Red

  • Chunky double-decker Shape Sorting Bus
  • Six activity shapes for your baby to explore
  • Fun vehicle for encouraging crawling
  • Open up the back to find the shapes
  • Helps encourage problem-solving and thinking skills
  • Great for developing fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination
  • Size: Length 27cm x Width 28.7cm x Depth 16cm
At a glance

Want To Know More?This Shape Sorting Bus is will fascinate your baby with the bright colours and rattling shapes. The bus comes with six activity blocks with rattles, mirror or beads inside, which your baby can enjoy shaking around and exploring. As your baby grows, you can help them push the blocks through the different-shaped slots on top of the Shape Sorting Bus and then open the back to retrieve them. The Shape Sorting Bus is great for pushing along the floor, filling up and emptying out, matching shapes and colours and stacking the blocks. The bus is also a good toy to encourage crawling, as your baby can try to follow the bus around the room.Suitable from 6 months.Great for your childs development:Your baby can explore the shapes in the Shape Sorting Bus and discover the activities in them. This is great for building strength and precision in little hands. Pushing the Shape Sorting Bus along is good fun, and your baby will soon be keen to chase after it – which is a great incentive for learning to crawl and walk later on. Discovering how shapes work helps your babys problem-solving and thinking skills. As your baby develops, they can work out how to slot in the correct shapes into the Shape Sorting Bus by themselves and feel really proud of what they can do – so this bus will last as your baby grows.ELC star quality:We love the Shape Sorting Bus because it offers such a rich mixture of activities for inquisitive babies. They can explore the bus and the blocks with their hands and mouth and practise posting the blocks in the back and retrieving them too. As they grow, your toddler can learn how to slot the blocks in the right spaces on the Shape Sorting Bus. This bus is also fun to push along the floor. Its a great all-rounder that will last your baby well into their toddler years.Don't Forget...We also have stacking blocks for your little one to build with.
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