ELC Shape Sorting Clock

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Learn how to tell the time with this wonderful wooden teaching clock.
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Features and benefits for ELC Shape Sorting Clock

  • Clock with built-in shape sorter
  • Moveable clock hands
  • Numbered, coloured wooden shapes
  • Includes stand
  • Great for kinaesthetic and visual learners
At a glance

Want To Know More?A great hands-on way of learning to tell the time, this shape sorting clock features several ways for your child to become familiar with how to read a clock face. The centre of the wooden clock features a clock face with a moveable minute and hour hand, with 'to' and 'past' written in the middle on either side. Around the outside of the middle clock face the minutes are written in five-minute intervals, indicating how to express the time when the minute hand is pointing towards these.Around the very outside of the wooden clock is a shape sorter designed just like a clock, with numbers 1 to 12. Each number has a shaped groove where the matching coloured wooden block can be placed: your child can match them up by shape, numbers in the grooves or numbers on the inner clock face.Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Don't Forget...For more educational fun, take a look at our range of flash cards, puzzles and CDs.
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Price 309.000
Style 137260
Gender Unisex