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Bright colours and pictures make learning animals fun with this Snap the animals card set. Talk about the animals shown in the cards, where they live, and what noises they make. Including 48 cards, playing games makes learning fun.
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Features and benefits for ELC snap the animals
  • suitable from 2 years
  • ideal for any gifting purchase
  • 48 snap cards
  • 9 different animals
  • develops matching and reading skills
  • playing with friends boosts social and communication skills

Product Information

Shuffle and deal all the cards among the players. Players place their cards in a pile, face down in front of them. One by one, players turn up their top card and place it in the centre making a new pile. When a turned up card matches the card immediately on the centre pile shout out "snap".
The player who calls "snap" first takes the centre pile of cards and places them face down under their pile. That player then resumes the game by laying a turned up card back in the centre. A player who uses up all of their cards is out of the game. The last player left in the game is the winner.
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