ELC Snap the Numbers

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Count, match pictures and practise simple sums.
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Features and benefits for ELC Snap the Numbers

  • Play snap by matching number cards
  • Practise simple sums
  • Bright, colourful pictures
  • Includes 48 cards
  • Boosts confidence and concentration
  • Improves numeracy and counting skills
  • Develops social and communication skills
At a glance

Want To Know More?Bright colours and pictures make learning numbers fun with this Snap the Numbers card set. Read the numbers as words, learn the look of the digits themselves and visualise how big the numbers are with the pictures. Including 48 cards, playing games makes learning fun.How to play:Number snapDivide the cards up equally among the players and put the pictures face down. Each player then turns a card over and places it in the centre face up. If any of the numbers match, the first person to shout 'snap' takes the pile. The winner is the person who collects all the cards.Counting activities Ask your child to count the objects on each card, then cover one of the pictures on the card. Ask the child how many they can see now. Do this for more than one picture.Count items around the house with younger children. How many chairs can they see around the table? How many cups on the table?Not suitable for children under 24 months.Don't Forget...We have a great range of story books to boost your little one's reading skills with.
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