ELC Turtle Lagoon Game

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Help the ducklings get back home by matching colours and hopping on the right turtles' backs.
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Features and benefits for ELC Turtle Lagoon Game

  • Learn colours and match them up
  • Plan on where you want your ducklings to land
  • Improve hand-to-eye coordination and thinking skills
At a glance

Want To Know More?The ducklings need to swim across the pond to get home, but they have to get past the turtles to do so! Spin the turtle spinner and see which colour the arrow lands on- if there's a matching coloured turtle near the duckling, it can hop onto its back.This is a great game for learning colours and matching, and for thinking skills too: your child can decide on which turtle is the best to land on to get them further across the board, improving their strategy and planning abilities. Moving the little duck counters around also helps hand-to-eye coordination and strengthens fine motor skills.Suitable from 2 years.Don't Forget...We also have Snap games for more pairs and quick reactions.
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Price 239.000
Style 135642
Gender Unisex