ELC Whizz Around Garage

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Drive around the Race Around Garage to discover lights, sounds and more.
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Features and benefits for ELC Whizz Around Garage

  • Lights and sounds garage
  • 3 sound effects and lights triggered by moving the lift
  • Two ramps to race down
  • Includes two cars
  • Vehicles are chunky and easy to grip
  • Helps strengthen little fingers
  • Great for developing hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • Suitable from 12 months
At a glance

Want To Know More?The Whizz Around Garage is ideal for inspiring early imaginative play. Little ones can push the cars around the garage, lifting up the barrier and driving through the car wash, refuelling at the petrol pumps, triggering lights and sounds by going up the lift while adding their own sound effects. They'll love driving the whizz vehicles to the top of the garage and racing them back down the ramps: which car will win?Great for your child's development:Making the Whizz Vehicles zoom around the garage and pretending to drive them is a great way to learn about the world and inspire imagination through pretend play. It's fun to play alone, or with a friend too- this will help develop social and communication skills. Bright colours and light-up features and sounds stimulate the senses as your little one plays.ELC star quality:We love the Whizz Around Garage because it lights up and makes fun sounds that little ones will love, and has lots of features to discover as you explore the garage. There is a dangling mitter curtain just like in a real car wash to drive through, a movable barrier and petrol pump levers, and a lift that can be moved up and down to take the cars to the top of the garage. The lights and sounds are triggered by moving the lift, encouraging more movement and play.What you need to know:-Includes garage and 2 Whizz VehiclesPlaying tips:Up to the topLets put a car on the lift, and push it up to the top. We can press the buttons for fun sounds. Lets drive around the garage, then zoom down the ramps and across the floor!Motor aroundLets press the pump levers to see what happens, put a car through the carwash and lift the barrier to let cars in and out. We can make lots of car sounds as we drive the cars around, just like real cars.Great for:-Driving, zooming and crashing cars-Inspiring early imaginative play-Enjoying the lift and its fun lights and sounds-Helping little hands get stronger-Developing hand-to-eye coordination-Endless driving fun-Adding lots of sound effects-Encouraging talking and learning new wordsDon't Forget...We also sell Whizz Vehicles separately for extra racing fun.
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