ELC Wooden Shape Sorter Caterpillar

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Learn about shapes and colours with this fourteen-piece puzzle, shaped like a cute caterpillar.
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Features and benefits for ELC Wooden Shape Sorter Caterpillar

  • 14-piece shape sorting puzzle
  • Put the wooden pegs in the right holes, place the rings over the pegs and give the caterpillar its face
  • Learn shapes and colours
  • Helps development of coordination, motor and problem-solving skills
At a glance

Want To Know More?Colourful and cute, little hands will love to explore the different shapes of the wooden pieces and discovering how they all fit together. Pick up a star, heart, triangle or pentagon peg and find out which hole it fits into. Now look at the coloured rings: which colours match, and which ones fit over the pegs? The fun doesn't just stop at sorting the shapes this way: you could also try and line up the rings neatly and fit the pegs in afterwards, stack the rings and blocks as high as you can, match patterns with colours, and roll the rings around. Picking up and sorting the shapes is great for developing hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills, and your child can become familiar with the names of shapes and colours.Suitable from 12 months.Don't Forget...We also have lift-out puzzles, great for learning the names of common everyday objects.
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