ELC World Map Puzzle

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Learn about continents and countries with this multi-layered lift-out puzzle.
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Features and benefits for ELC World Map Puzzle

  • 2 layer puzzle
  • Lay large continent pieces down first
  • Find the countries that fit into the correct continents
At a glance

Want To Know More?The lift-out World Map puzzle has two layers to help your child understand continents and countries. First, find out where all the big pieces fit: where does Asia go? Now begin to fit in the smaller pieces as a second layer on top of the first pieces: does China fit anywhere in Asia?Great for learning about the world around them, your child will begin to learn the names of different continents and countries, as well as their location on the globe. There are also fun pictures of animals and plants you might find in each country- can you name them all?Not suitable for children under 36 months.Don't Forget...The Brainbox 'The World' game is great for children from 8 years who love learning more about the world around them (available separately).
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