Happyland Cherry Lane Cottage

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Happyland Cherry Lane Cottage is the perfect first dolls house for your young child. It comes complete with dolls and furniture too
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This gorgeous country cottage is a perfect first dolls house for your toddler. Happyland Cherry Lane Cottage opens right up and comes complete with two cute characters and their three pets. There is also furniture for your young child to move around, and even a treehouse in the garden. Your child can help the dolls cook in the Cherry Lane Cottage kitchen, wash in the bathroom and enjoy a nap in the bedroom. This is a great toy to help develop your childs imagination and speech. Its also fun to play with next to a friend.Quick facts:•Cherry Lane Cottage is a lovely first dolls house•2-storey dolls house opens for easy toddler access•2 dolls, and 3 cute pets •Comes with beds, table, chairs •With a treehouse in the garden tooGreat for your childs development:Playing with a specially designed toddler dolls house such as Happyland Cherry Lane Cottage is a wonderful way for your young child to begin to explore the growing world of their imagination, as they move the characters and pets around. Your child can pretend the dolls are eating, sleeping or playing in the treehouse. Small world play is a rewarding way for your young child to express what theyve seen and experienced, and play out stories that theyve enjoyed. This first dolls house also gives your young child a fun way of using their hands to develop fine motor skills – great for drawing, dressing and writing later on. ELC star quality:We love Happyland Cherry Lane Cottage because it has everything a child could wish for in a first dolls house – all with a really sweet and timeless country feel. The furniture, dolls and pets make it even more of an inspiring setting for your young child to start exploring their imagination. Bringing the dolls and pets to life, and moving them around is a lovely way for your child to enjoy communicating – and making funny animal noises.What you need to know:Pack contents/what is included: 1 cottage, 2 beds, 2 chairs, 1 table, 1 dressing table, 2 characters, 3 animals.Other toys and accessories available separately. Size: Length 31.1cm x Width 45.7cm x Depth 19.4cm. Features: Cosy home for the rabbit under the tree, put the squirrel in the tree, easy to carry handle, doors that open, mirror on the dressing table, fridge that opens and basket for the cat to sit in.Self-assembly: This toy comes flat packed and the pieces simply need to be slotted into place.
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