Manic Martians Game

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The Manic Martians Game is a fun game for little ones. Bop a pop-up martian with a space rocket bopper to pick it up
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Features and benefits for Manic Martians Game

  • Manic Martians Game is great fun for 2 players
  • The martians pop up from the crater
  • Bop a martian on the head with a hammer
  • Good for giggles – and coordination and counting skills
At a glance

The Manic Martians Game is fun for two players. Your little one can watch as the martains go in and out of the craters, and then bop one on the head with the space rocket bopper to pick it up! This enjoyable game for 2 players is great fun for children and adults, and easy for little ones to understand. Manic Martians Game also makes a great present to take to a birthday party.Great for your childs development:Using the space rocker bopper to try and bop martians on the head to pick them up is a fun way for your child to develop good hand-to-eye coordination. Learning how to play a game, and playing with a friend, are good ways to develop problem-solving and social skills. Counting up the martians is useful counting practice. Playing the Manic Martians Game is also fun for a little bit of imaginative play.ELC star quality:We love the Manic Martians Game because the martians look so funny when they pop up and down, and this game is really easy for young children to understand. Using a hammer is always good fun – and this game offers a safe and fun way to enjoy bopping, without anyone getting hurt. Theres nothing complicated to learn, and you dont have to wait for your turn, just get bopping those Manic Martians.What you need to know:Pack contents: 1 x crater shaped game base, 12 x manic martians in 2 different colours (green and blue), 2 x space rocket boppers.Other toys and accessories available separately. Safety warnings: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.Batteries: Needs 1 x C battery (batteries not included)Playing tips: Life on MarsTwelve little Martians, hiding in their craters. They want to stay where they are. BUT WE WONT LET THEM. Time to go home Manic Martians. They dont know whats about to hit them. Hee hee.Let the mania beginLets pick a colour, and start the game. Up and down the little Martians go. Lets bop them on the head to beam them up. But time it just right or well be out of luck. We have lift-offLets see who can beam up the most. Its every Martian for himself. No cheating put him back. Lets find out who rules space. QUICK BOP FASTER, No escape for you little Martians.Great for:Making a rainy day thumping good funShowing the Martians whos bossChallenging friends and familyTwo player tussles, or play for fun by yourselfBopping with our rocket bopperFinding out whos quickest Extra terrestrial hide and seekHammering where no one gets hurt.
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