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Have fun with these colourful cards and learn your colours, shapes, numbers, letters and animals.Great for:Stimulating the brainIncreasing vocabularyImproving basic numeracyHelping your child link words and symbolsLittle hands to enjoy sorting and matchingDeveloping social skills and helping communicationBuilding confidence and concentrationFeatures:5 learning packs to help develop language, communication, mathematical and logical skillsContents: 48 animal snap cards, 52 alphabet pairs, 48 number snap cards, 8 shape flashcards, 10 colour flashcardsHow to play:What is it?Show your child a card. Ask them what it is and sound out the letter. Show the child the word on the back. Say the word together emphasising the sound of the first letter. Can they tell you the letter name too?Blending Separate the cards into vowels and consonants. Ask your child to make some simple three letter words with a vowel in the middle. Help him or her to sound them out.SnapDivide up the cards equally. Put the pictures face down. Ask each player to turn the card over. If any of the cards match, the first person to shout 'snap' takes the pile. The winner is the person who collects all the cards.Counting activities Count the objects on each card ask them to describe them and say how many they see. Do this for more than one picture.
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