Pastry Party Set

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Attach an applicator to the magic wand and hear fun cooking sounds as you play!
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Features and benefits for Pastry Party Set

  • Electronic wand with two sound effect attachments
  • Whisking and piping sounds
  • Crack open the egg
  • Mix the ingredients in the bowl
  • Pretend to make and decorate your cake
  • Pop the candle on top
  • Perfect for pretend play
At a glance

Want To Know More?The magical Baking with Sounds set features a magic wand that makes different realistic sounds depending on which applicator you use with it! Crack the egg into the bowl, pop the whisk attachment on and give it a stir to hear whisking sounds. Pretend to bake the cake, pop the piping attachment on to decorate and hear realistic piping sounds, too! Pop the candle onto the cake and serve it to your lucky toys.Not suitable for children under 36 months.Dont Forget…… We also have a Chopping with Sounds set for even more interactive play-cooking.
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Price 389.000
Style 140361
Gender Girls