Pictures and Words Puzzle

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Learn to spell by matching the pictures with the words
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Features and benefits for Pictures and Words Puzzle
  • Learn to spell by matching the pictures with the words.

Great for:
Stimulating the brain
Little hands to enjoy sorting and matching
Encouraging early reading First steps in spelling
Developing social skills and helping communication
Building confidence and concentration

How to play:
Matching up
Lay the picture and the word cards out and try and match them up. Lets talk about what you see. Get an adult to help you find the word.

Learning the alphabet
Lets put the cards in order. Ask an adult to help you find the next letter, and complete the alphabet together.

Matching up
Separate the cards and give the pictures to your child. The word cards should be held either by an adult or an older child. The person with the words should select a particular word and ask the child to find the corresponding picture. Once found, the child can put the 2 pieces together.

Spell the word
Separate the picture and word cards for an older child to match the pictures with the words, maybe they can be encouraged to try and spell the words. If they are unable to spell a particular word then move to another, returning to the original word later on.

The cards can also be used as a simple shape, word and picture matching activity. See how many they can match up on their own.

Encourage your child to talk about the pictures they see - where might they see them in real life, or start to make up stories.

Pack includes 52 cards.

Battery requirements: Not Required
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