Rosie's World - Holly And Her Zippy Scooter

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Drive Holly around in her own little scooter which has a cute basket
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Features and benefits for Rosie's World - Holly And Her Zippy Scooter

  • Suitable from 3 years
  • Part of the Rosie's World collection
  • Includes Holly, scooter and pet cat
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Want to Know More?Part of the cute Rosie's world colelction this sweet little set includes Holly, a scooter plus her sweet little cat that travels in the basket on the back of her scooter. Holly is always on the go, and ready to rush to find her friends if they need her help.Don't Forget...Rosie's World also has Summer and her Camper Van, Cupcake's Ice cream trike and trailer, Bluebell pony and more!
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Gender Girls