Schleich Kangaroo

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A lifelike figurine of an Australian Kangaroo.
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Features and benefits for Schleich Kangaroo

  • Lifelike design
  • Great for accessorising your wildlife scenes
  • Suitable from 36 months
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Want To Know More?Red kangaroos live in the arid plains of central Australia and are the largest surviving marsupials anywhere in the world -- they can grower taller than a full grown man! Marsupials give birth to their babies early and then carry them in protected pouches until they can survive on their own. Red kangaroos' babies, or joeys, remain in their mother's pouches for up to a year while she nurses and nurtures them.Red kangaroos are herbivores; this means they only eat plants. They can go long periods of time without water as long as they have access to green plants. They're nocturnal and spend their days sleeping or resting. When male kangaroos fight, it looks like they're boxing. They stand on their hind legs and push, jab, and kick at each other. Don't Forget...For more imaginative fun, we stock lots of farm and zoo playsets which feature an array of animals.
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