Singing Animal Keyboard

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This wacky animal chorus has 3 fun modes of play and 5 friendly singing animals.
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Features and benefits for Singing Animal Keyboard

  • Mode 1: create simple animal songs by pressing the keys: each piano key will make a different animal move and make a noise.
  • Mode 2: plays a background tune and when a key is pressed an animal voice is heard over the top of the tune.
  • Mode 3: plays a background tune and pressing a key switches animal chorus to that animal sound.
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Want To Know More?Great for your child's development:The Singing Animal Keyboard is a fun way to boost early musical skills by getting your little one to listen as they play. Your baby will love listening to all the funny animal sounds as they sing along, and it's great fun to play together and talk about the names of the animals.ELC star quality:We love the Singing Animal Keyboard because it features familiar, well-known tunes, so you and your little one can sing along with the animals! The different modes of play are fun to experiment with, and your little one can begin by listening to the full tunes in one mode, and then try to recreate them in Mode 1 as they listening and dexterity skills improve.What you need to know:-Suitable from 6 months-Requires 4 x AA batteriesPlaying tips:Musical animals- Press a key and see what happens. See what the animals do when you press a button. Copy the sounds they make: quack quack! Experimenting with sounds is a great start to making music. Singing along- Press the button to hear a tune. Press it again to change the music. Sing and sway along to the music! Using the keyboard helps little hands develop coordination.Great for:-Figuring out which button makes which animal move-First piano scales-Sing-along nursery rhymes-Making lots of animal noises!Don't Forget...We have lots more great first instruments for budding musicians.
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Price 499.000
Style 137317
Gender Unisex
Fabric Info Plastic