Stabilo Easy Colours Wallet - Right Handed

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These Stabilo Easy colour pencils have been developed to help left handed children to correctly and comfortably grip the pencil whilst they colour.
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Features and benefits for Stabilo Easy Colours Wallet - Right Handed

  • Suitable from 5 years
  • Designed for use by right handed children
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Want to Know More?These Stabilo Easy Colours pencils have been designed for right handed children to help them maintain the correct hand posture when drawing and writing. The ergonomic designed coloured pencil feature a triangular design, a name tag and unique non-slip grip moulds to ensure a relaxed hand postion. The six brilliantly bright coloured pencils are made with wood from responsibly managed forests. Even with sharpening, the staggered grip zone means that the children will be encouraged to hold the pencil in the correct way right until the time the pencil is finished. Stabilo is recognised for its ergonomic expertise – by pupils, teachers and parents and have a range of pens and pencils for children at all ages and stages.
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Price 209.000
Style 135107
Gender Unisex