Stabilo Trio Scribbi Pens in Wallet - 8 Pens

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Eight colourful Stabilo pens with washable ink and are almost indestructible pens due to their push-resistant thick tips
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Features and benefits for Stabilo Trio Scribbi Pens in Wallet - 8 Pens

  • Suitable from 3 years
  • With washable ink and indestructable tips
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Want to Know More?This pack of eight colourful Stabilo Trio Scribbi pens have been made with a triangular ergonomic design which helps make it easier for little hands to grip - it also helps to stop them rolling off the table during art sessions. The pens also have washable ink so there is no need to worry if it gets on clothing or skin, and the pen tips are virtually indestructable so no matter how enthusiastically your little one colours the tips will stay intact.
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